Your first visit

Sometimes trying out a new church can feel a little overwhelming. We're here to help make your first visit as enjoyable as possible!

General Info

What time does it start?

Our Sunday Service begins at 11:00am.

Where is the church?

We are located at 54 Gransha Road, Belfast, BT23 5RF.

What should you wear?

Feel free to wear what you are comfortable in. We have a relaxed casual style here.


Our car park is located just below the church and provides access to the church via a sweeping path with level access for disabled users.

We suggest you arrive at least 10 minutes prior to the service (15 minutes if you have small children and would like to use our creche) to allow yourself time to park and find a seat!

Meet & Greet

Meet & Greet

We have a team of volunteers who will greet you at the front door and can assist with directing you to our creche if you have young children.

If you have any questions they will be able to answer them or alternatively introduce you to someone who can.


We have a range of programmes for children of all ages during our morning service:

All Stars For children from 0 to 3

All stars is our creche and baby room. It meets in the Minor Hall at the rear of the church.

You can access All Stars from the side door beside the pulpit or alternatively come through the main entrance of the church building.

Babies are welcome to stay in during our service. We are a relaxed, and child friendly church. However if you’d rather take your baby out during the service you can make your way through the door to the right of the pulpit and down the stairs to the baby room.

Find out more information about All Stars here.

JAM for children in preschool to p7

JAM (Jesus and Me) is our Sunday School. Children can be dropped of at our church hall before the service begins, where a JAM teacher will take care of your child. Parents are welcome to stay to help children settle if necessary.

Find out more information about JAM here.

Bible Class For children in year 8 to year 10

Young people can make their way into the church hall before the service begins for Bible Class.

Find out more information about Bible Class here.


The Service

Before our service starts we communicate some of the key events for the coming weeks and reflect on key moments from the last week.

We open the service with an item of worship followed by our kids section. This will be led from the front and children are invited to come forward.

Following this the children will leave for JAM and Bible Class and you are welcome to accompany your child and help them settle.

Normally after the children leave we have a time of worship. This usually lasts 5-10 minutes and will be led from the front. All the words are on the screen so you can sing along.

We then have a biblical talk lasting around 15/20 minutes which aims to be challenging, inspiring and applicable to all of our lives.

The service closes with an item of worship and you are welcome to continue church with us over tea, coffee and other refreshments in our halls.

Still have questions?

We have a list of common questions that may be of use to you or alternatively, you can contact us!

Common Questions