Common Questions

How long are your services?

Services are normally just over 60-minutes long.

How often do you celebrate communion?

We celebrate communion five times a year.

What is the preaching/worship style?

Our teaching is Biblically-based. The worship style is diverse utilizing modern songs as well as traditional hymns.

How many people attend Granshaw?

We currently have on average about 400 people in attendance each weekend

Do I need to dress up?

Feel free to wear what you are comfortable in. We have a relaxed casual style here.

What do you believe?

We are a church that believes in the teaching and application of God’s Word. We believe that Prayer should be at the heart of all that we do and that people matter to God. We believe that God wants to change the world through the local church.

How do I get connected?

Granshaw is a network of communities; small groups of people joined by the gospel. The primary way to connect with others at Granshaw is to come along to the various groups and events. We also have a range of small groups that meet throughout the week. Please speak to a member of the ministry team for more information on these groups.

What do you offer for my kids?

All Stars is our ministry for infants on Sunday mornings. Learn more about All Stars here.

JAM (Jesus And Me) is our Sunday School for preschool – primary 7. Learn more about JAM here.

We also have various organisations throughout the week. Learn more about our children’s work here.

How is the church organized?

The church is looked after by two sets of leaders.

The spiritual leaders of the church are known as the Kirk Session and those who look after the practical parts are known as the Congregational Committee.

These two groups are headed up by the minister.

We as a Presbyterian Church are part of the biggest protestant domination in Northern Ireland known as the Presbyterian Church in Ireland of which there are over 500 congregations.