JAM (Jesus And Me)

Sunday School




Sunday mornings @ 11.00 am. JAM meets during church. Kids stay in our main service until after the children’s talk. At this point they walk together down to the Henry Gray Hall.


Henry Gray Hall (main hall at the carpark)


To teach our kids from the Bible about the Bible stories, personal salvation in Jesus Christ and God’s love for them. Also to be the best hour of every kid’s week.


JAM Teachers and Helpers

Pre-school and Primary 1

  • Teachers – Caroline Smyth, Ruth Pollarollo, Karen Porter, Roberta Simpson
  • Helpers – Lois Love

Primary 2

  • Teachers – Rhonda Love & Jacqui Cummins
  • Helpers – Jack Martin & Ryan Cummins

Primary 3

  • Teachers – Michelle Mitchell & Michelle Bailie

Primary 4

  • Teachers – Dawn Thompson, Jonny Thompson & Stephen Lowry

Primary 5

  • Teachers – Catherine Finlay & Beverley Addis
  • Helpers – Katie Crothers

Primary 6

  • Teachers – Jillian Ferris & Gail Young

Primary 7

  • Teachers – Pauline Bradshaw & Robin Phillips


JAM (Jesus And Me)


For further information on JAM please contact Pauline Bradshaw on info@granshaw.org