Made for Mums

We are a group of mums with children from birth to 4 years (preschool) who come together to support, encourage and refresh one another as part of our motherhood journey.

We meet once a month on Saturday mornings. We do not have childcare for these meetings because as much as we love our little ones this is a Mums only event (nursing babies welcome though). We will have cups of tea, speakers, quality discussions about encountering God and of course motherhood. We have a range of ages, lifestyles, backgrounds and children but we all share the desire to be the best mums we can be and we all need a bit of help with that! We look forward to being part of this journey with you.

Made for Mums

Our Next Event

You are invited to our Made for Mums events on Saturday the 16th September and 14th of October at 10am in the church halls.


This mums only event is a time to support one another, with a cup of tea and a sweet treat of course.


We would love to see you there! If you have any questions contact Rebecca on 07875919536