Welcome to Project 25. Our 25 day countdown to Christmas – one of the most special times of the year for Christians.


Our project 25 is a series of 25 challenges, videos, readings, and discussions designed for you and your family to do together. Our prayer is that this year is ‘NOT just another Christmas’ – but a special one, where you and your family celebrate its true meaning.


So find a time that works best for you and your family to sit together. Maybe it’s breakfast time, maybe it’s after dinner, or maybe it’s before bed. Project 25 is designed to be fun AND meaningful.


We’d love to hear your feedback on it, so please feel free to send us an email on ak@granshaw.org

1st – Read Isaiah 9:6 – what do you think these promises mean?

2nd – Search on Youtube ‘Isaiah 9:6-7 (Lyric Video)‘ by The Corner Room. Can you create actions for this song?

3rd – Why not invite someone new to church tomorrow? Decide together at dinner who you could invite.

4th – Remember to put on your Christmas jumper for church today. Take a selfie and send them to ak@granshaw.org

5th – Read Luke 2:1-5. Ask Mum or Dad what they remember about your birth.

6th – Read John 3:16, discuss as a family – what is the best gift you have ever received?

7th – Why not give someone a gift or make a card today?

8th – Tonight, make a hot drink, put your coat on, go outside and count the stars. Then read Psalm 19. WOW!!

9th – Search ‘God of Wonders (Agnus Dei)‘ on Youtube 

10th – Jesus is described as ‘Wonderful Counsellor’. The Bible is full of good advice. Discuss as a family your favourite verse/story in the Bible.

11th – What’s your favourite part of Church at Christmas time? Join us at 11am

12th – God guided the Wise Men with a star. Read Matthew 2:1-12. What has God used to guide you in your life?

13th – Jesus is described as ‘Mighty God’. Find out who’s the strongest and have an arm or thumb wrestle at home.

14th – Search youtube for ‘What a mighty God we serve‘ and have a dance party.

15th – Read Luke 2:1-7. Jesus arrived quietly, without fuss. Do a quiet act of kindness today.

16th – Jesus is described as ‘Everlasting Father’. Enjoy some sweets and read Psalm 34:8. God is good and he lasts forever.

17th – Check out ‘Dads are awesome – Dad saves the day compilation‘ video on youtube . Dad’s are supposed to protect us, just as God does. Talk about a time when your parents protected you.

18th – Read Matthew 2:13-15. Have a family chat about what you think made Joseph such a good Dad?

19th – Jesus is described as the ‘Prince of Peace’, which is why we get crowns in our Christmas crackers. Pull a cracker and wear your crown today.

20th – Christmas is a time of peace. If there’s anyone you’ve fallen out with – go and say sorry.

21st – Search ‘Prince of Peace – Of Dirt and Grace‘ on Youtube . And pray for somewhere in the world that needs peace.

22nd – Read Romans 5:10. Jesus came to earth at Christmas to make peace between us and God. Thank God for Jesus on the cross.

23rd – Search ‘JumpStart3 Isaiah 9:6‘ on Youtube. Sing Along!!

24th – What’s been your favourite part of Project 25 this year? Come and join us for our Christmas Eve service at 6pm!

25th – MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! – Join us this morning for church at 10am