Little Stars

Our crèche is called Little Stars and as part of our crèche we have a baby room available for 0-1 years called Little Stars. Little Stars meets in the Ministers Room during Sunday morning worship. The aim of Little Stars is to help families come to Sunday morning worship and to provide a place where little ones can play, hear stories and be looked after in a caring environment. We have provided a guide on the age of the children who can use the baby room, however this is only a guide and if you feel that you prefer your child to stay in the baby room after their first birthday then we will try to facilitate this.


If your child has never been in our Little Stars please ensure that you speak with the leader in charge who will take some basic information from you, e.g. child’s and parent/guardians name, child’s age, date of birth and any other info you feel the leader in charge should know.

Contact parents/guardians

If a child is unhappy at any stage during the church service, the leader in charge will make contact with the sound desk and a notice will be placed using Powerpoint on the screen, asking for a parent/guardian of a named child to come out to their child.


Sharon McMaster, Lorraine Shaw, Rosemary Murphy and Alison Hawthorne

More information

If you have any queries about this information, have any other queries or if you can help out please contact:

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Little Stars