Louder 2023

This year we are so excited to have Louder back again. Check out our video to see a glimpse of last years event.


It’s going to be happening from the 14th-20th August 2023 and there is something for everyone.

Here’s what’s happening


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Sports Fun Week

Our Sports Fun Week runs from Monday – Friday from 10am-11.30am.


It’s open for Primary 1-7 and is lead by a huge team of enthusiastic coaches and volunteers. Our focus is on having some fun through playing sports and games.


We have two sports available – Football (Primary 1-7) and Netball (Primary 4-7)


Sports Fun Week is £1 per day. This payable as you arrive and cover cost of snack and drink

Sports Fun Week Sports Fun Week
Holiday Bible Club Holiday Bible Club

Holiday Bible Club

Our Holiday Bible Club is for anyone in Primary 1-6 and runs from Monday to Friday from 6.30-8pm.


It’s a night full of madness and fun including crafts, games, snacks, stories and everyone’s favourite drama!!


We haven’t forgot about all our tiny people. During our Sports Fun Week we have a parents and toddlers group that runs from Monday-Friday (10-11.30am). Parents are invited to stay and bring their little ones in for some songs, crafts and special guests. There may even be a cup of coffee and a bun for the parents!

Louder Cafe

Louder Cafe is for all of our teens. It runs from 8.30-10pm every night for Primary 7-Year 14.


We have loads of great activities lined up this year – but we like to keep them secret. So to get a taster of what happens, check out our video from last year.


If you'd like to register for our Louder week then please complete the form below

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Our Programme

Our Programme runs for the whole week from Monday to Friday. Please let us know which of our events your son/daughter would like to attend.
Please note that all age groups are AS OF SEPTEMBER 2023.

Medical/Special Requirements

We want to make Louder the best week ever for your young person. So please let us know any information that will help us do that.
As part of our programme we offer snacks and food. Therefore it's important that we know of any dietary or relevant medical requirements.
We aim to make our programme accessible and enjoyable for all. If your child has any additional needs and there is anything that we can do to help them fully enjoy the week please let us know above or by contacting AK on 07969095697.


In the event of illness or accident, having parental responsibility and care of the above named child, I give my permission for medical treatment to be administered when necessary by a nominated first aider, or by a suitable qualified medical practitioner. If I cannot be contacted and my child should require emergency hospital treatment, I authorise an adult leader to sign on my behalf any written form of consent required by the hospital. However I understand that every effort will be made to contact me as soon as possible. I confirm that the above details are correct to the best of my knowledge. By signing this form I also give permission for photographs or videos to be taken of my child and used for church purposes on the church website or church Facebook page. If you would rather your child was not included in photos and videos please contact AK on 07969095697 or ak@granshaw.org